A third party company approaches the school and offers an alternative Identity Management system. What are the pros and cons of changing?

BioStore are the most experienced provider of Identity Management Solutions to the UK Education market with over ten years of development on their systems. With three million users every day you can be confident that the system works faultlessly and efficiently with a high level of accuracy and reliability.

Switching to a new Biometric solution will require the time consuming process of re-enrolling the whole school to a system that may not perform to the same high standards. Any other applications linked to the BioStore Identity Management System most likely will not work with the new platform.

Future options will be very much restricted compared with the two hundred and fifty applications available through BioStore’s one hundred plus partners. Staying with BioStore allows you to easily switch between our rich array of providers of applications such as Cashless Catering, eRegistration, Library and Access Control without disturbing any of the other applications you have in place.

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