Upgrade and Licence Renewal Options

Upgrade now to future-proof your site, improve functionality and protect your data

Upgrading to the latest Identity Management solution future-proofs your site, and allows for the most comprehensive and scalable system on the market to be implemented within your organisation. Installing multiple applications including cashless catering, e-Registration, Print & Copy Management, Library Management as well as Locker and Visitor Management facilities, ensure a completely connected facility all managed by a single secure central user database.

To meet current legislation for the Protection of Freedoms Act, BioStore provides each installation with a Card Management Bureau service, providing an opt-out solution for students who do not opt-in to use biometrics, but still allowing them to utilise the identification facility. Being able to print cards on-site is a simple, cost-effective way to ensure there are no delays when assigning all students to the secure central database for use across all applications.

For more information visit our dedicated Upgrade Options page.

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