How do I change allowance amounts? (FSM, Bursary FSM, UIFSM, SVM, Breakfast, Lunch, Supper)

To change allowance amounts for any of the above you must first find the maintenance section of FasTrak admin:


Once in this menu you will see other options appear down the left hand side of the screen. From these you will need to choose Financial setup:


In this menu you are able to edit all of the allowance amounts to change how much is allocated to each user when the end of day is run. 

You will be able to see all of the different allowance types as shown in the image below:


To change the amount that is allocated to users you need to highlight the allowance type and enter the new allowance amount in the "Settings" box located on the right hand side of the screen. Once you have entered the new figure, click save and this will update the allowance amount.


NOTE: Any Allowances already on accounts will not change, only when the end of day process runs will the new allowance amount be allocated to the accounts. 

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