How to cash up Revals (Cash Loaders)

When allowing users to deposit money using the Reval units you must cash up at the end of every day to ensure the reports for each day show accurate information.

To cash up the Reval unit you must first open the "Reval Maintenance Panel" which can be found next to the FasTrak Admin start up application. You must then login with your FasTrak Admin user credentials.

Once you have logged in you will see the screen shown below:


To cash up the Reval you must press the "Turn all off for cashing up" button. This will pause the cashloaders while you run your end of day and empty the cashloaders. This is important for two reasons: it means no additional funds can be added between the report running and the cashloader being emptied which would cause a discrepancy. It also resets the coin and note counters in the cashloaders, if these aren't reset then the cashloader will reach it's limit and stop accepting more notes or coins.


Once you have run the report and counted the takings you can press the "Turn all on" button. This can be done either straight away or the next morning depending on when you want the cashloader to be available.


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