How can I adjust funds and accounts?

There are two buttons in FasTrak Admin which are commonly used for these tasks. They are the "Adjust Funds" and "Adjust Account" buttons. The adjust funds button allows you to change the balance on the users account. The adjust account button lets you to change settings on the users account allowing the user to be eligible for different features.

Adjust Funds:

To adjust a users funds you must first highlight the user and then press the "Adjust Funds" button located at the top of the screen in FasTrak Admin:


One you have opened this menu you will be shown multiple options allowing you to alter the balance in different ways. The menu will be displayed as shown below:


The Description box is where you will enter a name or a note for the transaction. This will show up on the report. Ideally you will want to put something in the description box that shows who ever is reading the report the reasoning behind the transaction.

The next box shows the all the transaction types available. These are split into different categories as shown below:



The deposit transaction type has various different options which include all of the allowances as well. For a standard deposit you would choose the cash deposit option.


The refund option will allow you to refund the account for any incorrect transactions previously.


The redeem option will remove money from the account depending on the figure you put in.


The reclaim button is used to reclaim allowances from users accounts.


The balance in transaction type is similar to a cash deposit and allows you to increase the users balance. The balance out transaction type will remove all funds from the users account leaving them at £0. This has the same effect even if the user has a negative balance. 

The last box in the adjust funds menu is "Additional Funds". This is where you will put the amount you want to adjust the users funds by. When entering a figure into this box you can easily see the final balance of the transaction by looking at the bottom right box as shown below:


Adjust Account:

To adjust a users account you must first highlight the user and then press the "Adjust Account" button located at the top of the screen in FasTrak Admin:


Once you have done this you will see this menu shown below:


Using this menu allows you to change various different settings for individual users.

Override buttons:

The override buttons allow you to override global settings that are setup in the maintenance section of FasTrak Admin. These global settings apply to all users in FasTrak Admin unless you are using this to override the maintenance setup. Once you tick one of the override boxes you are able to enter a figure into the box.

Online Account:

The next setting is the online account tick box. Ticking this will set the account online so that they can link to the online payment provider.

Product Discount:

The Product Discount option allows you to setup the users account so that they are eligible for discount on products when using the tills.

FSM Option:

This next box has a drop down box with two FSM options. FSM and Bursary FSM. Using this you can change the FSM type for this user. 

Automatic deposits:

This next section allows you to setup automatic deposits for each allowance type throughout the week. This can be useful as you can choose certain days for this to appear in the users account rather than having it setup to be deposited on an every day basis. 

Block Spending:

The block spending options prevents users from spending money from their balance if they have a packed lunch on that certain day.


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