Can I stop allowances being reclaimed during the end of day?

When the daily "End of Day" is run all remaining allowance balances are by default reclaimed before depositing the new allowance balance for the next day. To disable certain allowances from being reclaimed during the "End of Day" process follow these steps:

First go into the maintenance section of FasTrak Admin:


Next choose "Financial Setup" from the maintenance menu as shown below:


From the "Financial Setup" you can choose to disable allowance reclaims for the following:

  • Breakfast allowance
  • Bursary allowance
  • FSM allowance
  • Lunch allowance
  • SVM allowance
  • Supper allowance
  • UIFSM allowance

This can be seen below:


To stop these allowances from being reclaimed you will need to highlight the allowance option and change the setting to "True" on the right hand side of the screen. Once this is done click save. This allowance will now not be reclaimed during the next "End of Day" process.

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