Mi-Fare Card Enrolment

Add a card to a user record

You'll need to configure a card scanner or barcode reader in IDManager before being able to scan cards.

People can be enrolled in IDManager by Super User and Administrator logins, and by Manager logins with enrolment permission. See the Login Roles section for further information


Select the People view using the People button on the sidebar.
Click on the person to be enrolled and select the Enrolment icon from the toolbar.


The Enrolment window will appear. Select Card from the menu.


The RFID/Mifare, Mag-Stripe, and Barcode fields will only be enabled if you've configured card readers and/or barcode scanners to be used with IDManager.


Click on the relevant box for the type of card you want to enrol - RFID / Mifare, Mag-Stripe, or Barcode, and then scan your card on the appropriate scanner. The card number will appear in the selected box, in either hexadecimal or decimal format as selected in your configuration.
Directly underneath the selected box, click OK to save the card, or Cancel to clear the box. You can enrol another card at any time by following the same steps.

Note that for cards to be used with different BioStore programs, the program's authentication must include a card option.

Once the above steps have been completed, the user's card enrolment is complete.

To check that the user is enabled for Card authentication, go to Edit Person - Enrolment tab and ensure Card(C) is included in one of the Access option.

Having trouble enrolling a card?

 If cards are not being recognized, make sure you've correctly configured your card scanner.
 Use the same configuration window to choose either hexadecimal or decimal formats.
 Make sure the card you're using is the correct type, e.g. Mifare, proximity, or swipe.




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