Setting up a Futronics Fingerprint Scanner in IDManager

1. Installing the Correct Driver

Use the link below to download and install the driver required:

Click Here


2. Setting up A Futronics Scanner Alias

Client Setup is an optional feature in the IDManager installer. If you do not have it installed, run the installer again; you will get the option to add it to your installation.

Open the BioStore Client Setup application. This is a separate application to IDManager. The BioStore Client Licence and Scanner Setup window will appear:


Click Refresh to ensure that the scanner appears in the Available Scanners panel, and select the Futronics scanner.

Share scanner between applications: If the selected scanner is going to be used in more than one application, e.g. IDManager and IDKey, enable this option. Generally this should always be ticked.
The scanner is turned upside down: This option is generally only required if you see consistently poor results from the scanner, and get better match rates when using the scanner upside down.

Alias Name
: Enter a suitable name for the scanner. Choosing something meaningful (such as Reception or Room 42) will help you to identify the scanner if changes are needed at a later date.

Click Add to add the selected scanner to the list of Configured Scanners.

If you need to make any changes to a configured scanner, select it and make your changes, and then select Update.

Note that the DEFAULT scanner cannot be renamed.

You can test a scanner by selecting it from the Available or Configured scanners lists, and selecting Test Scanner.

To remove all configured scanners, select Reset All. You will be asked to confirm this selection. Removing a configured scanner won't remove it from the available scanners list.


3. Configuring IDManager


In IDManager Configuration change the Alias to match your newly created Alias from step 2.



You have now completed the setup of a futronics scanner in IDManager.

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